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What is WebAR?

The implementation of WebAR is growing exponentially.


When we hear about augmented reality technology, many automatically assume it to be app-based tech; software that you download and often go through a number of steps to import AR assets to, be they furniture, artwork, or vehicles for example. However, there is a far simpler way for businesses to showcase their products via this revolutionary consumer tech.


WebAR is simple web-based software that provides quick, easy access to 3D, AR designs to visitors of your website. No matter the business, if your customers and clients would benefit from viewing your products in a 3D, real-time space, then WebAR is for you.

Using WebAR

In the current climate, the act of visiting retail spaces has become limited. This has only expedited to need for an advanced tech solution for businesses around the world. This is where AR comes in. Now, customers are able to view and browse products from the safety of their own home as WebAR becomes the norm for more and more companies. There is no need for customers to sign in or download apps; they merely need to click on a button on your website and, if they have a supported device (Android 6.0 and above, and iOS 11 and above) the product can be placed, in real-time in their home.


If you’re interested in a discussion about how WebAR can be implemented into your business, then get in touch with us today. This is a huge step in the evolution of retail and the customer experience; don’t let your business get left behind.

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