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WebAR Plants

See Your Plant Business Grow

Augmented reality revolutionizes the way consumers interact with a brand’s product. By converting 2D images into 3D augmented reality, you’re giving your customers 6DOF or 6 degrees of freedom. This allows them to engage with 3D and augmented reality models of your products in a way that they cannot with static pictures.

Interactive 3D and augmented reality product displays provide endless opportunities for content. These immersive technologies not only engage customers, but also give them a unique and highly satisfactory shopping experience.

Potted Plants in AR

Take the simple act of buying a plant, for example. With the 6 degrees of freedom customers enjoy from augmented reality displays, they can buy your plant products confidently.

This is because augmented reality allows them to inspect a plant or pot from top to bottom and test how it looks on the place they’re intending to put it. By buying with full confidence, consumers are more likely to be happy with their purchases and less likely to return items.

The best thing about this is augmented reality experiences are not tied to specific applications. With web-based augmented reality or WebAR, your customers can browse through your catalog of plants and pots using web browsers from their mobile devices.

Customers can try WebAR plants and pots in different sizes and places in their homes, and plan the layout of their outdoor garden or interior plant decor. This makes your e-commerce website’s augmented reality feature.

If you want these benefits for your online plant retail business, Capchella WebAR is your partner. We create high quality 3D and augmented reality representations of different products—including plants! We can turn these beautiful greenery into equally beautiful 3D images that capture their lush leaves and their pots’ intricate designs.

Let your plant business grow with augmented reality. Contact Capchella WebAR today for a consultation.

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