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Try Before You Bike

Try Before You Buy is a popular marketing technique that means exactly what it sounds like: customers get to try on products or take them for a spin before they purchase them.

This practice, done mostly in the e-commerce sector, works just like how shoppers “try on” a product in brick and mortar stores. They get to see if a shirt fits or how a robotic vacuum works.

Try Before You Buy practices similar principles. You send a shopper their picks for free and, once they receive them, they pay for the items they want to keep and return the ones they don’t.

Though a great practice, Try Before You Buy can be increasingly costly, especially with shipping back and forth to worry about.

3D augmented reality from Capchella WebAR offers essentially the same service, but more sustainable by using augmented reality.

With this, we can turn your online store into an AR-powered one. We can create 3D digital replicas of your products that customers can see in their space right from their device’s web browsers.

Augmented Reality for Bike Shops

You can offer customers an immersive shopping experience in your online AR-powered bike shop with web-based augmented reality.

Through WebAR, you can have full models of your bikes augmented in customers’ spaces. This allows them to explore every part of the bike from every angle, as well as see them in different colours and sizes, something that regular 2D images and text descriptions cannot do.

WebAR can also be used for bike parts and accessories that you offer. Customers will be able to inspect if the part or accessory they’re after is the right one for their bike’s make and model.

Capchella WebAR is a multimedia design company ready to help you turn your physical products into augmented reality models. With our help, your customers can access your bikes’ AR models right from their mobile device’s web browser.

Contact Capchella WebAR today so we can discuss this project.

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