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The way in which we shop has changed dramatically over this past year, yet the trend for more accessible retail habits has been slowly creeping into society over the last decade. As retailers work out how to safely showcase products to customers, augmented reality is becoming an increasingly sought after option. From visualising future stock in-store to helping customers see products from the comfort of their own home – we’ve invented Capchella to support your business in taking the next steps in augmented reality.

Supporting eCommerce with Augmented Reality

Capchella is a web-based AR system that allows customers to quickly download 3D interactive images of products around the home. Tables, chairs, sofas, desks and so much more can be viewed through a compatible mobile device’s camera in real time. Capchella doesn’t require an app and is available on arrange of cross-platform devices. As long as the device has AR capabilities (which most modern smartphones now do), users can easily view products.

Capchella is a dedicated service that is tailored to suit your business. This will include the creation of digital assets from your products with their correct dimensions, choices of different colour options, and design variations. This can be easily implemented into your existing website allowing customers to view your products at the click of a button in their own home.


We believe that there is a real need for AR to support eCommerce, not just in the current climate, but moving forwards into the future of retail. If you’re interested in evolving the way in which your business showcases products to the public, from the safety of their own home, then why not get in contact with Add Reality today, and we can help bring your products into even more homes this year.

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